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June 2017
864 pages

ISBN 978-0-620-75293-0

Kingdom, power, glory

Mugabe, Zanu and the quest for supremacy,


By Stuart Doran


The early years of Zimbabwe’s independence were blighted by conflict and bloodshed, culminating in the Gukurahundi massacres of 1983 and 1984. Historian Stuart Doran explores these events in unprecedented detail, drawing on thousands of previously unpublished documents, including classified records from Mugabe’s Central Intelligence Organisation, apartheid South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Canada.

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“A book of towering importance for the African continent and I cannot recommend it too highly.”

Lord David Owen, former British Foreign Secretary, Daily Maverick

“Monumentally researched, monumentally annotated and evidenced, and monumentally impressive. An intensely revelatory work”.

Sunday Times Alan Paton Award shortlisting, 2018

“Stuart Doran’s exceptionally detailed masterpiece, voracious in its veracity, towers by miles over ... anything I have read on Zimbabwean political history.”

Professor David Moore, South African Journal of International Affairs

A “meticulous study”.

Martin Meredith, Times Literary Supplement

“Authoritative ... A chilling account of the evolution of a de facto one-party state and of Robert Mugabe’s ruthless rise to dominance”.

Michael Holman, Financial Times

“The first in-depth study of the Gukurahundi …  Exposes the complicity of many senior leaders in Zimbabwe and the gravity of their crimes … Compelling detail … A comprehensive history”.

David Coltart, author of The struggle continues: 50 years of tyranny in Zimbabwe

“Enthralling ... meticulously researched ... As a journalist who lived in Zimbabwe from Independence [in 1980] to almost the end of 1996, it’s hard to admit that after a thorough reading of Doran’s book, I now realise I had little knowledge about what was really going on at the time.”

Trevor Grundy, Politicsweb

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